Stainless Steel Champagne Ice Bucket ($5.00)

Silver Vintage Antique Platters ($5.00 each)

Acacia Wooden Cake Stand,  H: 15.2cm x D:26.5cm ($10.00)

Cake Stand, Wood Slice Three Tier, Approx 30cm ($40.00)

Dual Drink Dispenser, 3.5L each, 2 available ($10.00 each)

Cake Stand, Wood Slice Approximately 40cm ($20.00)

Cake Stand, Wood Slice Approximately 30cm ($10.00 each)

Long Wooden Grazing Board, 47cm x 17cm, 6 available ($5.00 each)

Galvanised Metal Drinks Tub Ice Bucket, 4 available ($8.00 each)

Cake Stand, Wood Slice Approximately 50cm ($20.00)

Floral Rectangle Serving Tray, 11 available ($5.00 each)

Silver Lolly Tongs, 3 available ($2.50 each)

Long Wooden Grazing Board, 55cm x 15cm, 2 available ($5.00 each)

Glass Water Bottles with Hessian, Lace and Flower, H:31cm, 10 available ($3.00 each)

Rectangle Wooden Grazing Board, 39cm x 26cm, 3 available ($5.00 each)

Set of 12 Various Grazing Boards and Stands ($50.00 set)

Clear Glass Cake Stand With Cover ($10.00)

Silver Vintage Antique Three Tier Dessert Stand ($10.00)

Rustic Wood Slice Cake Stand with Base, Approximately 20cm ($15.00)

Wooden Square Tiered Cake Stand ($50.00)

Cake Stand, Wood Slice Approximately 40cm ($20.00)

Floral Wine Bucket, Serving Tray and Pots (Prices as follows)

Silver Lolly Scoops, 15 available ($3.50 each)

Wooden Grazing Table Stand, 22cm x 60cm x 16cm, 2 available ($5.00 each)

Coloured Glass Water Bottles, 3 available ($3.00 each)

Apothecary Glass Jars - Various Sizes and Styles, 20 available (See Packages for Pricing)

Round Wooden Grazing Board, 40cm x 30cm, 3 available ($5.00 each)

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Floral Pots and Saucer, 11 available ($5.00 each)

Mismatched Rustic Grazing Table Risers, 3 available ($10.00 each)

Large Round Wooden Grazing Board, 40cm, 1 available ($5.00 each)

Cake Stand, Party Crate 35 Boxes ($15.00)

 Silver Vintage Lolly Tongs, 2 available ($8.00 each)

Cake Stand, Wood Slice Five Tier, Approx 18cm - 25cm ($40.00)

Wood Style "LOVE IS SWEET" Sign ($5.00)

Cake Stand, Wood Slice with Ivy, Approximately 45cm ($20.00 each)

Cakes, Lollies and Drinks

"LOVE IS SWEET" Candy Buffet Sign ($5.00)

Glass Three Tier Cake Stand, H: 31cm x D:27cm ($10.00)

Square Wooden Grazing Board, 30cm x 42cm, 2 available ($5.00 each)

Rustic Cake Swing, Base W:42cm, D:30cm, H:52cm ($40.00)

Floral Tin Wine Bucket, 11 available ($5.00 each)