Rose Gold Hammered Tealight Candle Holder, H:6cm, 33 available ($2.00 each)

Whitewashed Provincial Style Ceramic Candle Holders, H:22cm, 9 available ($8.00 each)

Rose Gold Wire Geometric Candle Holder, H:25cm, 17 available ($4.00 each)

Black Lanterns with LED Candles, Rope and Flowers, 5 available ($10.00 each)

 Vintage Brass Tapered Candlesticks (exl candles), 26 available ($4.00 each)

Multi Coloured Crystals Boho Lantern, 2 available ($20.00 each)

Smokey Glass Boho Candle Holder, H:10cm, 10 available ($2.00 each)

Moroccan White Lanterns, H:35cm, 50cm, 70cm ($60.00 set)

Gold Prism Glass Terrarium, H:26cm, 10 available ($4.00 each)

Candelabra Silver 3 Pronged Antique, 2 available ($10.00)

White Lace Look Metal Pots Small (21), Medium (12) and Large (10) ($2.00, $2.50, $3.00 each)

Vintage Brass Four Pronged Candelabra ($10.00)

Vintage Style White Lantern, H:28cm, 8 available ($8.00 each)

Fairy Lights Lanterns Large, H: 23cm, 11 available ($9.00 each)

Stainless Steel and Glass Lantern, H:29cm, 10 available ($7.00 each)

Vintage  Mismatched Brass Vases and Vessels, (Prices Vary - See "Vintage Props")

Vintage Style White Lantern Small, H:20cm, 4 available ($4.00 each)

Whitewashed Coconut Husk Candle Holder, H:30cm, 9 available ($8.00 each)

Whitewashed Wooden Handmade Pillar Candle Holders, 10 available ($8.00 each)

Candelabra Rusted Vintage 3 Pronged, H:51cm ($10.00)

Clear Glass Hanging Bauble Tea Light Candle Holder, 40 available ($1.50 each)

Candle Holders, Vases, Jars and Lanterns

Vintage Round Amber Vase, H: 20cm, 10 available ($5.00 each)

Whitewashed Wooden Handmade Pillar Candle Holders, 10 available ($8.00 each)

Vintage Brass Patina Candelabra B ($10.00)

Rose Gold Mercury Glass Tealight Candle Holder Lanterns, H:10cm, 21 Available ($4.00 each)

Mismatched Vintage Brass Candlesticks, 30 available ($4.00 each)

Glass Milk Bottles Small, H:13cm, 10 available ($1.00 each)

Whitewashed Wooden Handmade Tealight Candle Holders, H:28-40cm, 10 available ($8.00 each)

Black Standing Pole with Hanging Glass Candle Holder ($10.00)

Set of Two Wooden Geometric Hanging Candle or Flower Holders ($25.00 set)

Vintage Green Bottles, 7 available ($3.00 each)

Geometric Metal Tealight Copper Candle Holder ($2.00 each)

Glass Tapered Tealight Candle Holders, H:16cm, 20cm, 24cm, 39 available ($3.00 each)

Clear Glass Cylinder Vase, 20cm x 10cm, 36 available ($4.00 each)

Vintage Style Brown Glass Bottles, H:22cm, 10 available ($2.00 each)

Vintage Brass Patina Candelabra A ($10.00)

Multi Coloured Boho Lantern with Glass, 10 available ($8.00 each)

Whitewashed Hamptons Style Ceramic Candle Holders, 4 available ($8.00 each)

Vintage Brass Three Pronged Candelabra, 2 available ($10.00)

Glass Milk Bottles with Lid and Jute String Medium, H:20cm, 8 available ($2.00 each)

Tall Vintage Style Brass Lantern, H:52.5cm, 4 available ($10.00 each)

Gold Glass Mismatched Pattern Candle Holder, 10 available ($2.00 each)

Mismatched Vintage Brass Candlesticks, 30 available ($4.00 each)

Wood Stump Trios, 10 available ($8.00 each)

Mason Jute Decorated Jars, H:17cm, 14cm, 9cm, 12 of each available ($3.50, $3.00, $2.50)

Mason Boho Gypsy Style Multicoloured Jar, H:13cm, 20 available ($2.00 each)

Smokey Glass Baroque Boho Candle Holder, H:9cm, 8 available ($2.00 each)

Candelabra Silver 2 Pronged Antique ($10.00)

Gold Tin Lanterns with Unique Patterns, 12 available ($1.50 each)

Gold Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holder, 11 available ($2.00 each)